Frequently Questioned Answers

– 3,000 pcs / artwork / color (for Size labels 500 pcs/size/artwork/color)

– There are many causes such as incorrect temperature, timing, pressure, and the type of fabric. If you have a problem, we have technical staff that can offer advice and solves the problem for you.

– 3-7 days for normal heat transfer. 10-14 days for special techniques.

– You can send artwork (ai file) to our marketing department.

– No, we only produce heat transfer items.

– Yes, but you have to inform our customer service before making samples.

– Yes, but the price depends on the technique that you select.

– Yes, we have. We will send technical staff to service you on-site.

– Heat transfer can work with any fabric, but if this fabric has a waterproof coating we have to test before we start production.

– Heat transfer has a smoother hand-feel than a screen print.

– The number of colors depends on the technique styles. Some techniques could be applied multi-colors, oppositely, other techniques have a fixed color, or a selectable color.