3 Innitial factor of Heat transfer application.

Heat transfer's glue is melt by hot temperature (temperature range will depend on heat transfer type & fabric type)
There're 2 type of temperature
1.1 Monitor temp
It's the temp "at heat plate" & show on monitor. Can check by temp checker "at heat plate" It should be in range +/- 5c
1.2 Applied temp
It's the actual temp apply on fabric by the application setting. Can check by temp checker or thermopaper "when apply heat plate on fabric" It should be in range +/- 5c
For example, the application is 150c - 15sec - 40psi. So the applied temp must be 150c +/- 5c in 15sec. Don't refer Monitor temp.
The dwell time is very clear. The time must be the exact time the heat plate apply on fabric, exclude the time heat plate move up & down.
There're 2 type of temperature.
1.1 Line pressure.
It's the the pressure shows on the pressure guage.
1.2 Applied temp
The exact pressure apply on fabric. Calculate by heat machine spec such as Cylender diameter & Rubber base size.