- We have moq at 3,000 pcs / artwork / Color.

- For Size label is 500 pcs/Size/artwork/color.

- Heat transfer can work with any fabric, but for water proof fabric that coating we have to test before start production.
- Too many cause such as temperature, timing, pressure, and material that apply heat transfer on.

So if you have a problem we have technician staff that can advise and solve the problem for you.

- 3-7 days for normal heat transfer.

- 10-14 days for special technique.

- You can send artwork (ai file) to our marketing department.
- Yes, but you have to inform information to our customer service before making sample.

So we will make the sample that suit for your fabric.

- Yes but the price is depend on technique that you will select.
- Yes, we have. We will send technician staff to service you on site.
- You can use iron or streaming iron but we suggest that you have to turn off steam mode before applied and check a temperature, good pressure, release film when it cool.

We suggest you to use Heat transfer machine to apply more than iron.

- Our heat transfer is smoother than screen print on fabric.
- You can create many color in your design but we suggest not more than 4. (Because of price , lead time )